Ice Carvings,
Choose & Cut Christmas Trees

SOLD OUT OF CHRISTMAS TREES & DECOR for the 2021 SEASON. ICE Sculptures Available!

Christmas Trees & Custom hand carved ice sculptures. The Ice Farm's new location includes a choose & cut Christmas Trees Farm! We also specialize in ice sculptures for weddings, banquets, Christmas parties, corporate functions or any other special events.
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Corporate Logos, Events & Parties

Corporate logos are one of the Ice Farm’s specialties, with a simple copy of your company’s logo, we can reproduce it on any size ice sculpture. For parties we can create shot luges, seafood displays, ice bars, martini bars and much more! Just ask!

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Single & Double Block Carvings

We create hand carved ice sculptures all occasions. Single or double block carvings are our most popular.



We provide hand saws for the choose and cut. Pre-cuts of many varieties are also available and are cut fresh for each weekend. Tree carts and tree sleds are available for transporting trees from the field to the barn. All of our trees are custom sheared to enhance the natural beauty of a REAL Christmas Tree.

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World Class Artistry

Our carvers have competed and placed nationally and internationally at ice carving events.

Contact us to discuss Ice Sculptures, Choose & Cut Xmas Trees or Artisan Ice Cubes.


The Ice Farm is owned and operated by world class ice sculptor and New York State native, Stan Kolonko.
Custom hand carved ice sculptures for events & parties

The Ice Farm provides hand carved ice sculptures for weddings, banquets, corporate functions, birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other special events.

We provide ice carving blocks of un-matched quality to sculptors around central NY.

Our Ice is unmatched in quality and purity, utilizing reverse osmosis filtration and Clinebell ice machines which provide the clearest ice south of the Arctic Circle.

Now offering Artisan Ice Cubes!

  • Your logo in ice

  • Add elegance with a custom ice sculpture

  • We create large scale installations

  • Find us at a variety of festivals and state fair events

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