February 6, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does the sculpture last?

Sculptures last between 4 and 6 hours at peak viewing, the ice could last for days!

Do we do custom freezing

We can freeze most anything into the ice to add to the effect of your design, call to question pricing and advance notice for this service.

What we provide at delivery.

Although we push for freezer drop, when doing setup and delivery we provide a drip tray, foam riser and battery operated lighting.  The venue is responsible for a 2-4 foot space on the table and a drip bucket or trash can under the table to catch the melting ice.  Larger custom displays will need to be designed to understand how large of an area is needed for the ice.  When delivering ice bars we use a large catch tray on the floor.

What is a freezer drop?

Freezer drops are the preferred delivery method as it ensures the sculpture will be on the property in advance of the event, sometimes event times can change.  This is also a more cost effective source as we deliver during the week and not during our high demand delivery setup jobs.  This is only possible if the venue has a freezer and is willing to set up the ice.  We do provide lifting handles in the sculpture for these deliveries.

How big are the sculptures?

Sculptures can be enormous however most one block sculptures are approx 40in high * 20in wide and weigh about 125-175 pounds once sculpted.

How far in advance do you need to order?

Advance orders of at least one month are recommended, however we do accommodate last minute orders if needed.  Weekends and holidays fill up quickly so advance is best to schedule deliveries.

Do we use molds?

Absolutely not, all of our sculptures are hand carved!

When should the ice be set up?

We deliver one hour before your function begins!

Can we put color in the ice?

Yes custom logos and monograms can be colored in and we provide lighting in several colors.

Why is the ice so clear?

We use reverse osmosis for pure water and a slow freezing process for crystal clear ice.

How far do we deliver?

The ice farm delivers regularly up to 60 miles however we have delivered up to 200 miles on many occasions.  Delivery costs are listed on our PRICING page.  As far as festivals we are able to go anywhere in the north east US depending on the size of the event.