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The Ice Farm Gallery

The Ice Farm can create a sculpture for any event. Please explore our gallery of recent creations for events throughout New York State. Our Pricing page has a complete listing of rates for design and delivery through NYS including Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Buffalo and more.

The Ice Farm Gallery: Weddings & Anniversaries

The Ice Farm has a large selection of romantic and enchanting ice sculptures for your wedding or anniversary; swans, hearts, initials, table centerpieces, martini ice bars, shot luges, cake towers, and much more. For an added touch of elegance we can color the sculpture to match your event theme, encapsulate flowers consistent with your florist or engrave your name(s) in exquisite scripting. The possibilities are endless. Contact Us now for a detailed quote, or view our Pricing page.


Table Centerpiece Vase Bride-Groom Ice Bar L O V E Ice Sculpture
Wedding Centerpiece Ice Vase
Intertwined Hearts Ice Sculpture
Ice Sculpture Double Hearts
Shrimp Ice Display
Intertwined Hearts Ice Sculpture 2
Wedding Hearts Ice Sculpture
Wedding Diamond Ice Sculputre   Tapas Ice Display



Corporate Events Gallery

The Ice Farm can create a variety of ice sculptures for your corporate event. Whether you'd like a tappas display for appetizers, a seafood tower, custom designed martini ice bar or table centerpieces, the Ice Farm can create ice sculptures that add a new level of class to your event. Want your company logo in Ice? We can do that too. Check out our Logos in Ice section for examples. Contact Us now for a detailed quote, or view our Pricing page for costs and delivery throughout New York State. Our Ice Sculptures are more affordable than you imagine!


Shrimp Ice Display Ice bar with spiral shot luge Tapas Ice Display  
Abstract Ice Sculpture Ice Bar with Custom Colored Logo Ice Bar With Custom Logo and Double Ski Slope Shot Luge Seafood Ice Display


Logo Ice Sculpture Gallery

Impress your clients or guest with a beautiful replica of your logo in Ice. The Ice Farm can add your logo to table centerpieces, ice bars, shot luges seafood displays and much more. Contact Us now for more information, or view our Pricing page for costs and delivery throughout New York State. Our Ice Sculptures are more affordable than you imagine!


Dog Show Ice Sculptures Ice Bar: Logos in Ice Ice Sculpture Bar: Logos in Ice New York Yankees Logo in Ice
Ice Bar with Custom Logo Logos in Ice: LOVE    


Holiday Ice Sculpture Gallery

The holidays are a special time of year teeming with memorable events. This year, add an ice sculpture to your event and you'll create a distinctive and remarkable experience for your guests. We can carve a holiday greeting, infuse color into your piece to match the holiday, or design and carve a unique holiday themed sculpture for your event. Contact The Ice Farm today to learn more! View our pricing page for rates throughout New York State.



Snowflakes Ice Sculpture Christmas Table Ice Centerpiece Mothers Day Ice Sculpture  
Easter Scene Ice Sculpture Vase Ice Sculpture Snowflake Ice Sculpture  
Seasons Greetings Ice Sculpture Seasons Greetings Outside Ice Sculpture    


The Ice Farm Gallery: Birthdays & Parties

Add some fun to your birthday party with a custom made shot luge! Numbers, names, your favorite icon... you name it, we can turn it into a ice luge. Display your tappas & seafood with specially designed ice sculptures that display your appetizers to impress your friends... A hand carved martini ice bar is the perfect addition to any party. Not just a pretty design, these ice bars are used by the serving staff to offer drinks. It's the perfect place to display a sculpture, logo, or a shot luge! Make your party memorable. We deliver anywhere in NYS! Check our Pricing for details.


Ballerina Ice Sculpture Ice Sculpture: Shot Luge Ice Sculpture Sixteen Shrimp Ice Display
Stork Ice Sculpture Ice bar with spiral shot luge NY Yankees Ice Sculpture Tapas Ice Display
Musical Note Ice Sculpture

Palm Tree Ice Sculpture

Martini Glass Ice Sculpture Rose Ice Sculpture
  Tapas Ice Display    


Animal Ice Sculpture Gallery

Animal ice carvings is one of the Ice Farms specialties. We can carve wildlife, domestic animals, aquatic scenes and anything you can imagine! We've carved eagles, deer and reindeer for outdoor adventure and equipment stores, trout for fishing competitions, poodles for dog shows and award winning underwater scenes for ice carving competitions. Storks carrying little bundles of joy are an adorable ice sculpture centerpiece for elegant baby showers. Whatever the event, The Ice Farm can create an ice sculpture to compliment your theme. Contact The Ice Farm now! View our pricing page for rates throughout New York State.


Dear Ice Sculpture Eagle Ice Sculpture Trout Ice Sculpture Reindeer Ice Sculpture
Dog Show Ice Sculptures Age Old Quarrel Ice Sculpture Polar Bear Ice Sculpture Seahorse Ice Sculpture
  Seahorse Ice Sculpture    


Vehicle Ice Sculpture Gallery

The Ice Farm has created a number of vehicle Ice Sculptures for a variety of events. We have created motorcycles, snowmobiles, trucks and more for stores having special promotions or sales events, themed parties, and various sports events including snowmobile races . If you love a specific vehicle, we can create an ice sculpture to match your passion, if you want to impress your clients with an ice sculpture that compliments your store products or if your an event promoter with a desire to create an unforgettable experience, Contact The Ice Farm now! View our pricing page for rates throughout New York State.


Snowmobile Ice Sculpture    


Competition and Installation Ice Gallery

Stan Kolonko has participated in numerous international Ice Competitions. From Canada to Alaska to China and back again, Stan has traveled the globe and competed against the very best ice sculptors in the world. He has created numerous winning carvings including a 3rd and 5th place at the Crystal Garden International Ice Sculpting competition in Ottawa, Canada; a 4th place finish at the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska; two 2nd place finishes -one in Westlake, Ohio with a sculpture entitled' Sea Biscuit' and one in Ottawa, Canada entitled 'Evening Snowfall'. Stan and his team had a tremendous 1st place finish at the 2006 World Ice Art Championships with a two story multi block sculpture titled 'Balto’s Charge’. This ice sculpture also won the Artists' Choice Award and the Governor's Choice Award.

To see Stan in action, visit our Festival Page to see where he'll be carving next! Or read about his latest competition in the Ice Farm News.


Age Old Quarrel Ice Sculpture Snowflakes Ice Sculpture Seahorse Ice Sculpture Ottowa Ice Sculpture
Aquatic Ice Sculpture Balto's Charge: Ice Sculpture: Alaska   Balto's Charge Ice Sculputre Complete
  Ice Sculpture Competition   Ice Maze
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